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The échalion is a variety of elongated onion wich ressembles a shallot in appearance and taste, and is often confused with it.

In contrast to the shallot the échalion has only one bulb, and it reproduces from seed. The have a similar uses, however the échalion has a number of appreciable assets :

- Easier to peel than onion and shallot , best performance in peeling more interesting for catering and industry process.

- An elegant appearance, a regular and elongated bulb with copper color make a product high quality.

- Price level more attractive than shallot during the campaign.

Cafpas company is today a major specialist and partner for this production in Europe, producing 3500 tons and has a target of 4500 tons in 2 years. Due to significant development of the bananashallot, a new 5000m2 building was constructed by the cooperative in 2010 in the commune Mirebeau ( 20 km from Poitiers, Ouest of France), dedicated to stock and package.

Thanks to the performance of this new tool storage and packaging , the cooperative exports the product throughout Europe and faraway destinations such as middle East and north America with the same quality during all the campaign.

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